The 80’s were an unforgettable decade. Hip hop achieved increased success, Michael Jackson brought it with Thriller, Whitney Houston wanted to Dance with Somebody and Doug E. Fresh beat boxed until he was blue in the face…but those weren’t the only milestones during that decade, it was the 80′s, that TrePaper now known as Up·Scale was introduced to the world.

From his hometown of Austin, Texas to his life in the Bay Area; Up·Scale has been studying music and its every move. From legends like Run DMC to modern day moguls like Jay-Z, Up·Scale was inspired to learn all that music had to offer and that he had to offer music. From a young age he mastered the clarinet, tackled the piano and took those skills to another level and started creating beats and mixing music. From there- everything took off and his skills as a lyricist and a writer came to the forefront.That is when Up·Scale realized his passion – hip hop. But not ordinary hip hop, something more moving, something more appealing – something UPSCALE.

Not only was he collaborating with established artists and producers from across the nation, he was writing and honing his talent and perfecting his craft. For over a decade, Up·Scale, formerly known widely in the Bay Area as TrePaper, has been transforming, maturing and progressing. Upscale is his way of life, his music and he conveys it by the way he owns the stage during performances and captivates his audience.

Give him a beat and a tablet and soon you will too be intrigued by his charisma and the way his lyrics grab you and flow so eloquently in perfect harmony. Up·Scale appeals to a diverse audience and market
of music listeners who want to hear a message and bob their heads. Up·Scale is a person, a music maker, a performer, a creator, but most of all…it’s a way of life!